Religion is something that keeps people grounded and with each advent season, hopefulness is a lot higher for their salvation. The advent season starts with the four Sundays before Christmas Day. The Advent season then ends on the eve of Christmas which is the best time to prepare for the coming of their savior, the son, Jesus Christ. Advent actually means coming in Latin which is actually the best term to use for the coming of the son, Jesus Christ.


Before, when the medieval period was still ongoing, they used to make a wreath with four candles with different colors on it. The four colors represent the four week long ritual that these people prepare for the coming of the savior, it is a long process but it is sacred for these people. As the Advent season comes, people will be able to experience a great deal of solemnity together with the people closest to them. This solemnity is even heightened with the help of Advent devotionals; it makes the whole event even more meaningful. As soon as the candles are lit, it symbolizes the preparation of the coming of the child, Jesus Christ.


The Advent Wreath is actually made to look like a circle which symbolizes a cycle. There is a center crest in the middle which signifies Jesus Christ. The four candles on the other hand has different meanings. The four candles will have their own meanings depending on the person; it may be about the four virtues of Christ, virtue of love, virtue of hope, peace and joy. Some even say that the four candles are the four significant people present in the birth of Christ; the Angels, Shepherds, the father and mother. There are a lot of meanings given to the four candles but the center one will always be and forever, Jesus Christ. The four candles are also given the meaning of waiting; that is the four weeks of waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ, view here for more!


The meanings given to the candles reinforces the faith of the people and together with their Advent Devotionals, it is going to be a day of peace, love, joy and hope.  The whole event will be even more blessed if you have your own Advent Devotionals because this shows your personal appreciation for the coming and that is something that must not be overlooked especially in the dark days ahead. You have to stay hopeful. Click here!


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